Fresh sourdough, house chilli jam
& Son Nava olive oil 

Burrata, cauliflower rice,
fresh herbs, salsa verde 

Salad of shredded garden greens,
mixed sprouts, toasted seeds, roast dates,
peanut sauce

Seabass crudo, fresh lime, coriander,
ginger, chilli, Grapefruit, baby cucumber 

Spinach ricotta malfatti dumplings,
sage butter, parmesan   

Panzanella salad – tumble tomatoes, toasted sourdough, red onion, garden herbs, pickled seeds

Corazon Caesar –roast chicken, island greens, fennel, candied walnuts,
fresh herbs, toasted seed bread, Caesar sauce

Pan fried fish of the day serviola, chunky salsa of poached tomatoes, capers,
toasted almond alioli

Sesame crusted chicken schnitzel brioche – green slaw, seeni sambol chutney, basil alioli, fresh herbs and pickles

Soller lemon tart, stem ginger &crème fraiche labneh, mulberries      

Pavlova crème ingles, apricot compote, fluffy cram and passion fruit        

Affogato –Island Ices cardamom ice cream
& espresso shot


Bow pasta with tomato sauce or pesto    

Chicken (kids) schnitzel, pesto pasta


Fresh sourdough, house chilli jam &
Son Nava olive oil          

Menorcan (Cheese) puffs, olives, honey + rosemary roast almonds

Cheese of the day, pickled fruits,
fresh Sourdough

Burrata, cauliflower rice, salsa Verde

Chicken liver pate, brioche toast, pickled prunes

Tostada piled with celeriac remoulade,
wafers of ham, salsa Verde      

Panzanella salad –tumbled tomatoes, toasted sourdough,  red onion, garden herbs, pickled seeds

Hummus, baby cucumber, salsa matcha  seed crackers

Charred sourdough, braised courgettes,
burrata, salsa Verde 

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