Welcome to the

Hotel Corazón

Welcome to the Hotel Corazón

Hotel Corazón is a hotel in the Tramuntana Mountains, between Deià and Sóller.

Hotel Corazón is a world of its own, where luxury and simplicity are inseparable, and freedom reigns. Here, a new way of being is possible, ruled by easy living and everyday adventure. Hotel Corazón doesn't have TVs; it has views. You can't break the rules because there are none.

Situated amidst the mountains and the sea, Hotel Corazón is a haven for wild alchemy. It's a Mallorca luxury hotel for a new generation of travelers who want to be barefoot, eat straight from the trees, swim in the sea at night, and get lost in the pines. It's a place to meditate underwater and jump rocks with wild mountain goats. Hotel Corazón is a place to do things you're afraid of, or to do sweet nothing. It's a place to lose and find yourself at the same time.

Hotel Corazón is luxury but wild.
It's a hotel but feels like home.

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Hotel Corazón

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